Konjac Sponge

Konjac Sponge

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A fluffy, natural face sponge for deep exfoliation
A plush, cushion-soft facial sponge that buffs skin smooth as you cleanse for a bright, even complexion


• Deeply cleanses and smooths for skin that feels ahh so fresh!

• The perfect partner to your favorite cleanser, it exfoliates nasties like dead skin cells, dirt and makeup for radiant, smooth skin in seconds

• Ethically sourced plant-based material makes this face loofah nature’s best kept secret to flawless skin

• Give it a gentle squeeze when you’re done to remove excess water — Hygienic and mold resistant, a dry sponge wards off bacteria naturally

How to use:

Apply cleanser to Konjac Sponge and gently massage in a circular motion

*This item is 100% Natural and Ethically sourced*