6 mind-blowing facts you forgot (even though you aced your high school biology exams) about your skin + How to have the best looking skin in da world!

6 mind-blowing facts you forgot (even though you aced your high school biology exams) about your skin + How to have the best looking skin in da world!  

1. Skin Is the largest organ of the human body: It plays a crucial role in being a protective barrier between our internal organs and the outside world. Thus maintaining our skin is not just about beauty but it is also about health and wellness. 

2. You’re a better snake than you think (that’s pretty weird isn’t it?):  Skin has special “shedding” powers as the epidermis (the outer layer of our skin) contains dead cells and must purge them every 28 days. Clearing the dead cells will help your skin flaunt the new cells being created. Now don’t go bananas and start exfoliating every day with products full of chemicals. Nope. Don’t do that! It may cause microscopic tears to your skin. In order to avoid abrasions, look for “gentle” natural exfoliators such as Glyolic acid, malic and tartaric acids. NOLASKINSENTIALS found a way to incorporate those 3 magical ingredients in their Porefect toner You get the benefits of clearing your pores + exfoliating it. Give it at try, ya might just fall in love with it. 

3. Breaking a sweat is kinda of a good thing: Skin helps you regulate your body temperature, thus sweating is a process that releases fluids out of your body to maintain your 37-degree baseline temperature. With that being said, it does not mean we should go around stinking on one another as if we were living in the old ages. Popping some deodorant is mandatory even if we are social distancing. The sweating funk travels beyond 2 meters! But don’t pop any deodorant or should I say ditch your big brand deodorant that actually prevents you from sweating. Use a deodorant that is skin friendly and will allow your body to release the excess heat by not preventing sweating. Our friends at IAM NATURELLE  have the secret formula just for that.
4. Your melanin is poppin, but let’s keep it from blowing up into cancerous cells: The sun can be a potential enemy if not handled with wisdom and moderation. I know. I know. Melanin poppin peeps are not accustomed to the idea of needing to protect their melanin from the sun. But, especially if you are living in a Western country where the sun really truly hits only 3 months during the year…it may very well be possible that a little sunscreen won’t hurt during that period. Black Girl Sunscreen figured out a way to get melanated folks a sunscreen that won’t leave white residues and is filled with natural ingredients. The sunscreen acts as sun wave blocker and lotion. What more do ya need?

  5. Get your sleep in check!: Skin appearance can be affected by quality of life. Yup you read that just right. Ever noticed how people that are under a lot stress and/or have a hazardous lifestyle tend to look older? Well, amongst many things causing that older look is the impact of lifestyle on skin’s outer appearance. So, no need to tell you to ditch the smoking, abusive drinking and all that…because that is easier said than done. But, one thing that is workable is sleep management! Yes, sleep, is the moment where your skin gets to rejuvenate. Hence, getting a good night sleep is an easy “fix, right? Well maybe not. But incorporating a nice bath in your night routine, may help calm that hamster in your head keeping you awake at night. Serenity candles by NAUTANA have the right balance of lavender and brown sugar to get you to unwind and relax before bedtime. 

6. You can’t see it but it’s there: Skin wraps around all the way to the top of your head (i.e. your scalp) and it needs your attention too. A dry, flaky scalp is in no way shape or form a good place to hang. Your hair hangs there. Your hair touches your face…Can ya see where I’am going with this? If yes, hop on to AYACAONA KAI’S nourishing serum. It kind of does everything your face needs, but up in your scalp; Exfoliating and nourishing your scalp as it should. While we’re at it, let’s not forget the soles of our feet. Ya can’t see those either. But they need love as well. Our friends at TALIAH WAAJID have the best Jamaican castor oil to moisturize your soles.  



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